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Does this work-in-progress have anything to do with fashion, design, or the arts, in general?
Or are you maybe working on a specific piece of furniture, a story, a photo,
a video installation or something entirely different of which we have not imagined?
So much the better. If you believe that your work-in-progress fits our aesthetics and sense of style,
we will be delighted to receive a sample of your work so far, and to showcase it in this space.

You still retain your copyright in full, we merely provide a place for you to launch yourself on the world wide web.
We are currently not in the position to offer any kind of financial compensation for photos or texts

Michael Taylor  
Posted on Oct 15 2012

In the Lumen series of projects the topic of investigation is light itself.  It is a lifetime project in which various aspects of light are explored in separate bodies of work. My aim is to let light reveal itself.

ôThe photogram makerĺs problem has nothing to do with interpreting the world, but rather with the formation of abstractions. 
Objects are chosen for their light-modulating characteristic: their reality and significance disappear.  The logical end point of the photogram is the reduction of photography to the light-recording property of silver salts.  To the cameraman this is what Malevitchĺs White on White is to the painter.ö

Beaumont Newhall

Review of Moholyĺs Achievement.  In Moholoy-Nagy: A New Anthology.  New York: Da Capo Press, 1970, p.71.

Refraction is the fourth gallery in the Lumen series.  This work resulted from an experimental investigation into the refraction of sunlight through glass using sunlight and photographic silver gelatin paper.

Many effects of light occurred simultaneously, but the most prominent was the refraction of light through the various glass objects.
I sought to document and interpret purely formal qualities of light.  Hidden lines and curves and other new Ĺlight objectsĺ were revealed by strong sunlight. Resulting images are left as negatives resembling X Rays, a symbolic gesture towards the interaction of science and art.
Light revealed the invisible.

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V Society  
Posted on Sep 16 2012
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Posted on Feb 29 2012
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Posted on Feb 7 2012
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