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Does this work-in-progress have anything to do with fashion, design, or the arts, in general?
Or are you maybe working on a specific piece of furniture, a story, a photo,
a video installation or something entirely different of which we have not imagined?
So much the better. If you believe that your work-in-progress fits our aesthetics and sense of style,
we will be delighted to receive a sample of your work so far, and to showcase it in this space.

You still retain your copyright in full, we merely provide a place for you to launch yourself on the world wide web.
We are currently not in the position to offer any kind of financial compensation for photos or texts

Posted on Jul 18 2013

"The Great Utopia" collection was inspired by Russian Avant-Garde. Sports, military uniforms, strong body, upbeat morning mood. Stalin skyscrapers, factories hum - all of this is the great utopia, cheerful Soviet enthusiasm.
Smooth lines and the rejection of decoration became the main theme of the collection.
Muted colors highlights and exposes the structure of the fabric. Shades, layers and transitions of color create a multi-level and yet simple architectural form.

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Ksenia Schnaider  
Posted on Jun 8 2013

The velvet bodywarmer from our Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, "Bodywarmer", plays on the idea of the traditional bodywarmer, a garment which was incredibly popular in Soviet Union because of its seasonal suitability and versatility, and have reinvented what many consider to be a wardrobe staple. We have twisted the concept of the classic bodywarmer and focused on creating a beautiful, luxurious piece that is soft, comfortable and refined.

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Posted on Dec 11 2012

The essence of the collection Marchi - «Port» can be expressed in two words: quality and durability.
Collection - the result of long-term development for the design, modeling, whose purpose - to create a new range of classic clothes with lighter cut, minimized processing while maintaining the elegance of its materials.
The collection "Port" created by designers Valeria Marchi and Tasha Kukhar, there are models that are simple and easy to use, included all the modern requirements.

"Main attention is the functionality and quality of products. - Says the designer Valeria Marchi – we made comfortable clothes, develop an ideal model and pick up for her ideal material. For example, it is necessary to take into my customers’ lifestyle, weather conditions of the season, for ease of grooming products. "
Summer coats are simple, easy shapes, spacious enough, but not wide, so stay classy thing with aesthetic silhouette.

"We worked on the analysis of clothing from your own wardrobe, looking for the most convenient form of a cut, the easiest design and fashion popular silhouettes" - says Valeria Marchi.
And finally dress - is simple and elegant.
Inspirations for the collection «Port» designers served from the Black Sea Fleet.

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Valia Gabriel  
Posted on Oct 18 2012
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