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Posted on Mar 16 2013

You have travelled a lot, so all these images, memories, places, do you apply them to your work? And how?
They are really about encounters, the smell of a country when you come out of the airport, taking the plane, being in nature… Last summer I met a very old man when I was in Tanzania. He had just climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and was telling me his life story. These kind of encounters make my eyes sparkle. I could imagine a collection around this old man.

Who is the person who influenced you the most in fashion and designing?
My mother. I wanted to be a seamstress. We grew up drawing, painting and sewing (and playing Playmobile). Once for Christmas, I received a bag full of scraps of fabrics from a fashion designer of my city, it was the best present ever. I’ve been sewing and making things ever since.

How do you start every new collection? Which process do you follow?
It always starts with an impression. I picture the fabrics and textures that would create a larger picture. It is funny somehow, I feel like I create a movie set, with its mood, and place my characters there. I was reading National Geographic the other day, and there was an article about a snake catcher who was allergic to venom. I find this story pretty ironic, and I started drawing girls wearing colour block tailored suits in the jungle, catching snakes… Don’t ask me why.

Are there times that you feel you might be «losing» your inspiration while designing a collection?
I haven’t made anything consequent since I have graduated. But when I was at the Academy in Antwerp, yes, definitely, you reach a point very close to creative exhaustion… I tend to struggle between wanting to create a real concept behind the garments, the research in design and cut, and telling my story all along.
I have to filter the information.

What would you change in the fashion industry?
Just like the slow food movement, the freedom to do slow fashion? Let’s say Fashion with time to Breathe.

In your experience so far, what is it that people try to express through the clothes they choose: their wishes, or their life experience?
Their ideal world.

Do you have a garment, a specific one, that you are attached to? And did it have an important role in your life?
I get bored to dress every now and then. I love holiday in California kind of clothes. I like a long dress that blows in the hot desert wind.


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