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Posted on Jan 9 2013

After the Bazaar Fashion Forward 2012 award, what is now next? Has the award affected your own
expectations of yourself?

The problem is that after winning this award, everyone expects from you something new right now, everyone keeps up an eye on you. But you need time to grasp everything, and of course to find financial support to create collections from season to season. I made the decision to create small strong interesting projects instead of collections, as long as I am not stable  financially. Maybe I will take part in some fashion worldwide contest soon. I think I will do all in good time.

Would you describe the state of mind that designing a collection requires, in comparison to a collage?
Developing clothes for a collection is always a long and interesting journey with an unknown point of arrival. It equals huge expenditure of energy and a lot of work for the mind. Making collages for me is more fun than work. If I compare the two processes, definitely depletion comes after working on a collection.

What are the feelings that the creation of a collage bring out in you, that a collection doesn't? And the opposite?
I never thought about this. But I would't say that these feelings are that different. For me they are the same.

Are there motifs or themes that you always find yourself returning to, either when creating collages or when designing fashion?
Yes, I am always returning to making print themes in clothes. Now I developed new prints for my fashion project "splitting".

If there was one thing you could change about the fashion industry, what would it be?
Definitely, I would stop developing and promoting abnormal body proportions !

Which fashion designers did you admire while growing up? Was there someone you really looked up to?
In my childhood I remember there was this fashion program that I would record on a VHS every weekend. It was the only way to be in touch with worldwide fashion news. I was always in love with Dries Van Noten and Prada. Today, without fail I watch out for the collections of Christopher Kane, Derek Lam, Alexander Wang, Marni, McCartney, Philip Lim, Celine, Rodarte, Henrik Vibskov.


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