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Posted on May 7 2013

You write that "Cunnington & Sandersonĺs signature is to create emotional constructions, with the intent to make a connection with the wearer." So, what kind of feedback have you had from women who wear your creations?

That the construction of a garment can effect a person's posture, can make one feel attractive and confident - they talk about receiving compliments and attracting positive comments. Having a balance between comfort and ease of movement working harmoniously with tailoring and structure to provide a sculptural feminine silhouette. The garment becomes an expression of the wearer's personality.

When starting to work on a new collection, where do you draw inspiration from ?

At the beginning of a collection we start by deciding what emotions we want to evoke in the collection. Building together images, techniques, craft, texture, colour etc. Directly working on the mannequine to drape and manipulate materials to highlight all elements into one silhouette. So each garment holds within it its own characteristics and message.

In what way have your ideas and your philosophy about designing a collection evolved since you first started working?
The core element of producing a collection with a narrative still remains with us today, and is probably the most influential factor that governs our creativity.

Could you give me your personal definition of creativity ?
Creativity is our world, it provides happiness and satisfication when reaching a solution that captures the passion that we want to express.

self expression

Has there ever been a time in your life when an outfit that you wore has played a crucial role?
Every day - to encourage self confidence, creativity, individuality, comfort.  Clothes hold treasured memories - when you first meet someone, birthdays, weddings, business meetings, spending time with loved ones.

Which has been the biggest, and maybe most rewarding, challenge that you have
faced in your professional life so far?

One of our personal highlights was to be invited by the Villa Noailles in Hyere' s, to exhibit during the 27th Festival International de Mode et de Photographie. Having the help and support from the Villa Noailles team, working together to realize our vision. Having the opportunity to create and exhibit in such prestigious surroundings. An eternal gift.

In what way does a bad mood, or a melancholic feeling affect your creativity?
All types of emotions encourage our creativity - by driving our determination and provoking us to be more expressive and at the same time also more sensitive.


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