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RADical RAD  
Posted on Oct 15 2011

He doesnt consider himself a designer, nor a photographer, nor an artist, nor a filmmaker, nor a writer, nor an art director, nor an architect, nor a musician. Self taught, Jordanian born, 29 year old Rad Hourani, is all of the above in one. Discover Rads amazing vision for anti-conformist individuals by taking a close look at is Unisex Collection #8 for SS12 which consists of one unique but fully transformable garment in six fabrics resulting in 22 smashing looks. Check out Rad Houranis amazing self filmed video presentation starring Kirsten Owen and David Chiang at

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Posted on Sep 26 2011

Is there a right outfit or a look that would be appropriate for a casting? If so, which would that be?.

I can't tell if there is a right or wrong outfit for this occasion. However, I noticed that all female models tend to wear high heels
when they show up for a casting. I would suggest it would
be better to put on a pair of sneakers or flat shoes and have one pair of high heels in your bag, so as to put them on for the test "polaroid" - and then switch back to your sneakers, because finally it makes a better effect then walking in neck barkers .

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Casting 2  
Posted on Sep 25 2011

Is there a right outfit or a look that would be appropriate for a casting? If so, which would that be?

I personally believe in the necessity of acquiring a sort
of a day uniform. It has to do with a personal way to dress,
which not only makes everyday life easier,
but also presents to the world the correct image we wish to project.

Models are under constant scrutiny.
Although a right attire is not something that i would insist upon,
there are some rules which would help to
establish a good impression.

Cleanliness and tidiness, above all.
Who wants to have a dirty model? Avoid flip flops and sandals
if you run around all day in a polluted city like Athens,
or else you will end up with black toe nails and dirty feet!
Always have clean hair and avoid too much make up - people
want to see how you look in reality!

Wear something monochrome and slightly body related, like a Rick Owens top and a
pair of narrow pants or a little skirt to show your figure and avoid
to have to get undressed every time
someone wants to look at your legs! Sombre colours are best as they tend
to become almost invisible and they dont take the attention away from you.
Heels are not important for me.
I would rather see a girl whos at ease, than someone stumbling
across a room towards me. Have a pair handy, though,
if you go to a fashion show casting. It saves time and you dont want to have
to master a pair of unknown heels in a couple of minutes.

Be friendly and polite but not too eager and over chatty... People in charge
of castings are busy and in a hurry - who
wants someone who lingers around? If you must hand shake,
make sure you dont have sweaty palms! This is creepy!

Exit gracefully even if you were treated rudely.
There is nothing that puts people at their place like good manners and poise.

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Casting 3  
Posted on Sep 24 2011

Is there a right outfit or a look that would be appropriate for a casting? If so, which would that be?.

One of the most critical points of an actors audition in a casting session
is the way he is dressed.
He or she should always remember that whats important is not to be
upstaged by an outfit. Because what counts is not a distracting outfit, but a memorable performance.
That means that clothes shouldnt distract from the face. For instance: an actor should avoid

wearing any huge logos, any striped or checked t-shirts or t-shirts with huge stamps
on them, to also abstain from
wearing provocatively loud brand names that cost more than the casting directors monthly fee, and definitely stay away from
clothes with peculiar cuts and wacky patterns. Especially women are better off without 
any jewelry that may
sound like musical accompaniment

On the other hand, no actor should feel obligated to be going all the way renting
some uniform for a period drama film.
Its better to wear an outfit that feels
comfortable and makes the person who wears it get into
the character - but not get caught
trying too hard, as this may spoil a good impression. Best of all, wear clothes in earthy f

riendly colors that will make us focus to the face right away.
A real classic and an easy thing to wear is some nice pair of jeans,

loafers or sneakers and an unstained t-shirt or shirt.
But please forget shorts and flip flops!
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