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Posted on Feb 29 2012

Which aesthetic virtue of ancient Egyptian culture was it that excited you most ?
The imagination of nature. I was amazed at how they observed nature and then transferred it into culture - into mythology, cosmology, religion, architecture etc. Imagination is essential to fashion designers.

How did you manage to interpret the inspiration from an ancient civilization -from whom so many have already drawn inspiration in the past- into something so fresh and individual?
The key is research: I have to read quite a lot of books on Ancient Egyptian Culture. For me, it is difficult but at the same time a challenge to interpret in a fresh way, something from which so many before me have already drawn inspiration in the past. I tried to do more research and avoid what people has applied before. It is true that there is a 'visually first impression' that people have of Egyptian culture: a mummy, a pyramid etc. I wished to break from this! I chose to focus on Egyptian cosmology and religion and to figure out how to work on it through visual elements like color, print position, etc.

Is there a special reason that you only design a men's collection? Do you find designing for men more challenging ?
I was in the menswear team and my professor strongly recommended me to be in there when he offered me a place in the MA. Before studying in LCF MA, I had completed my BA at The Hong Kong Polytecnic University, where I had been designing womenswear. Strangely enough, however, my BA final collection was menswear too, hahaha. For me, designing menswear is so challenging!

Your collection embraces bold colour - do you believe wearing bold colours can help us feel confident,
or do we have to be confident in order to wear them?

That's a big question, for me. I believe people have to be confident in order to wear them, when confident people wear bold colors, they will be much more confident. But actually,  the key is the man who wears them himself. 

You create amazing garments using neoprene fabrics - what is it about neoprene that makes it so flexible in your hands? Why do you love to work with it ?
Thank you! involved a lot of testing: fabric and color. Before starting to make the actual garment,
there were many types of neoprene fabric tested in order to get the suitable ones for my collection.
In this collection, pigment uptake and material hand-feel were crucial. After the right ones were chosen, it was time to test col

 In the course of your career, including your years studying to become a designer,
when have you been the happiest so far?

I have always been happiest in just looking at my designs and people's appreciation of them. Sometimes, fashion design involves a painstaking process, overnight work, problems both technical and ordinary,etc. So when a project is finished, there is so much satisfaction.  It is always a bonus when people appreciate your work!

During these years, have there ever been instances when you felt totally disappointed?
Actually no. I am quite positive and kind of aggressive. I admit that I did feel disappointed when Iwas not selected or win the fashion design competitions in my first year of study. However, I soon realized that it was just a game. The thing is to always try to do better, always be hopeful. 

Have there been people in your line of business that you believe have made a difference in the way you view your work, maybe even your attitude to life?
Yes, there have been so many. Among the most important is my professor, who is also my course director, Darron Cabon. He encouraged me and helped me to discover the new me. Sometimes you really need someone to discover your potential which even you don't realize, and have no idea about how to build on it.

Do you have an ideal of the men who choose your designs? Do you ever imagine them?
Haha I have never thought about that but now that you ask me this, I think of Salvador Dali (just an intuition). So maybe men who would like to try fresh things?

When a man chooses a suit that he wants to have for a long time, what should he look for ? Do you have some advice?
Follow your instinct, go for your favorite. Of course choose a suit in good quality in terms of fabric, construction of the jacket, sewing technique, shape (fitting). You can't go wrong if you buy a suit  in Savile Row, lol

While growing up, did you care about the way clothes looked on people?
Yes i did, I liked it when people would spend time to make themselves presentable. But i don't judge people from the way they dress, it is just too superficial.

Do you have an ideal of timeless elegance? What would that be?
Fashion is a way to enhance the beauty of oneself, the true timeless elegance is in the people themselves- knowledge, manner, personality, vision.

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Posted on Jan 20 2012

If you could name one thing about the fashion industry that you do not especially like, what would it be?
The lack of handmade. Machines have replaced humans and not in a good way. Yes there are
still big fashion names like Hermes,
Chanel, Givenchy, who still value and preserve "handmade" in big parts of their collection. We recently saw a video of Dior Jewelry presenting us how a ring turns into shape by only one person. Technology is amazing and there are machines
who make wonders, but there are here to help us, not replace us.

 Why did you choose to design bags made of plexiglass? What drew you to this material?
I grew up in a family business where plexiglass was and still is our number one material with which we have
the expertise to make special constructions, for example furnitures or sculptures.
It is a difficult material to handle, you need knowledge and the right tools and machines to turn a plain plexiglas sheet to
a clutch bag. It takes time, patience and above all clear mind and creativity.

 Do you like to create bags in any material other than plexiglass?
As an industrial designer I have worked with quite a few materials in my college years, but as far as fashion
accessories such as bags are concerned, I haven't done any experiments.
It lies within my future plans to create a "marriage" between wood and plexiglas or leather and plexiglas.
I hope it will work!

Have you been experimenting with different styles and forms? If so, in what ways?
I experiment every day, every single hour. I waste so many material sometimes, I'm hopeless.
Transforming plexiglas isn't the easiest thing. It requires a lot of waste material and making new molds every time to give an item the shape that you want.Every single bag is handmade, there are no molds for mass production. There are just "molds" that are helping us to make a curve or make it round.
Just think about it for a minute: we take a sheet of two-dimensional plexiglas and transform it into a column, or into a small clutch bag, into any shape. The process is amazing. If you don't see it you cannot believe it.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I will say what everybody says but it's true. From everything. For example, now I'm creating a new clutch bag with the shape of a birdcage. I was in a flower shop the other day and there was a beautiful parrot inside a wonderful brass birdcage. I am keeping this picture in my mind and I am processing it into something that I could design and make.

 In our times of recession, do you think we should redefine our ideas about luxury? If so, in what way?
I think that we need to be more selective. To see beyond the surface. Why are you interested in my clutch bag?
What do you see behind this image? Can you see the love and the hard work?
Can you see the small part that I've put myself into every single one bag?
Luxury small things make our life more colorful and maybe give us  the feeling of living in our own fairytale,
even if this means that we buy just a pair of Louboutins or an Urania Gazelli clutch bag. Recession doesn't mean not having dreams. In contrast, maybe this time it's the best time for making dreams and
being more creative than ever

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Posted on Dec 22 2011

When you design your line of accessories, which images from do you find yourself drawing inspiration from?
Architecture and construction techniques are my source of inspiration. I am a fan of the works
of architects like Oscar Niemeyer or Tadao Ando.
Then there is a strong reflexion on the construction of the bag itself, as there are many ways to express an object.
And  finally, together with the manufacturers, I get to gather all that together into a useful object.
The ideal musical environment for me to create is definitely Alternative Rock!!

How do you imagine the man who is choosing to hold one of your own designs?
A manly and aesthete man with a subtle elegance who moves with the modern times and who is not
a fashion trends slave.

If you could change one thing about current fashion trends, what would that be?
The Bling bling style...but also the vintage style, because we should use the past trends as a reference, not as a style.

And if you could change one thing about the fashion world as it is, what would it be?
The codes of luxury are nowadays mostly based on appearances. When the real luxury stands on the wonder of the handmade and know-how, on noble fabrics, on the beauty of the object. And, of course,
we need more environmentally friendly collections.

Do you remember ever noticing the form and colour of objects, their aesthetic qualities in other words, as a child? Simply put, did you care about how things look or should look?
Of course I remember having the same sensitivy to beauty and innovative trends and design since I was a child.
I grew up in Spain in the 80s with the Movida which was a current of freedom of expression and creativity.
More than that I feel an insatiable curiosity for all kinds of new creative currents.

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Ros Georgiou talks to L&G  
Posted on Nov 6 2011

 Is there an outfit from your childhood years which you remember especially fondly?
Or one that you especially hated?
I remember a jean dress I loved and wanted to wear it everyday.
HaHa There wasn't really an outfit that i hated it but I remember that I never wanted to wear a t-shirt inside of whatever
I was wearing just not to be cold! T-shirts had to hang out!

Did you ever feel that a certain outfit has played a significant role at a very important moment of your life?
No I never thought that outfits played an important role in my life. But its true that your style is kind of something that helps.

Which part of your job do you enjoy mostly?
Non-tiring shootings with a team that I enjoy.

If you had to choose just one outfit from those that you wore during SS12 catwalks
which one would you go home with? (please state the precise designer & image and explain your choice)
VERSACE white studded dress. Simply amazing

How do you imagine yourself ten years from now?
I never thought about this. I dont wanna make these kind of thoughts. Just want to live my life.
But ok, Im the kind of girl that one day will want husband and children !
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