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Masha Reva  
Posted on Jun 29 2012

When sitting down in front of paper and start to think of a new creation, what is your starting point?
A specific inspiration, a sudden whim or the simple need to design something specific?
 Well, actually I`m still looking for balance, and every time is always different in some kind. Sometimes my work is the result of a long research, usually it is so, but I learn to be more spontaneous ,and it is hard I would say !
Any way for every research I do a lot of sketches and only after some time spent in thoughts, do I begin to select what is ok and what needs further transformation.

Can you recall the clothes that you would find interesting and fun as a little girl? Could you describe them for us?
 Ha ! This is a nice question , I love the time of my childhood. As a child I was very much introverted, my family is quite artistic, my father is a sculptor, so it was easy to find me playing with twigs, matches, plasticine and lots of other rubbish. I was more interested with creating toys by myself, rather than playing with dolls. But then the times of Barbie-Ken-Drama came as in every girlish childhood. I was building castles from chairs and my own room was been becoming a city in which all toys were involved in dramatic stories like in brazilian soap operas. That was fun.
What is the philisophy behind the capsule collection that you made for the concept store in Kiev? Was the line based on a special idea of the store's owners?
 It was the time right after my graduation from the university, so I was deeply stuck regarding the concept of my graduation collection. I was making an investigation for half a year , so it was hard to shift myself into cardinally different direction. Then Atelier1 (concept store) proposed me to make a capsule collection. As a starting point I took the idea of movement, I was using a theme of bionics and human anatomy in my graduation collection. I continued with the concept of transformation and interconnection between construction.

The motives that your shoes' collection bear, were made with accessories in mind, or did you later decide to use them as such?
 Actually, the shoes line was made as an addition to my graduation collection in 2010, I thought that I had to make a total look, and to try myself in designing shoes, which was something I had never done before.
You seem to love experimentation - do you do this in order to reach a specific target or is experimentation a target in itself?
 Yeah, to experiment is my main strategy. I`m sure that the process of unexpected actions is a better chance to find a new approach. If I want to find a clue -I was thinking- what would it be, that would really surprise me? I try to imagine like I saw something unexpected, and after that I have to experiment and to try to create it.

If you could change one thing in fashion, what would that be?
 It is a complex system, but I would say that human understanding is more important then the outside layer of cloth and in this case fashion is just a language.
Do you ever catch yourself changing a design just because your mood is bad or good on a certain occasion?
 If I am in a bad mood there is a solution Ė I begin to clean the work area around, then it`s better to concentrate if I have a certain order around my table. But sometimes it doesnít work, and in this occasion I go to sleep.

Looking back on the video you did during your internship, which is your favourite part of it and why?
 I had two internships, and the craziest one was in Antwerp. I have been super lucky to get in Walter Van Beirendonck`s studio, I have never been so unbelievably excited. I`ve got a task about making an archive of his past collections, over 100 boxes with accessories have been repacked and reordered once again, that was very interesting, I learned a lot.

In which country can one find the most interestingly dressed women?
 I`m of the opinion that it would be some less developed country. Ritual costumes in a number of African tribes are quite interesting because they are making them truly sincerely, like children do.
Would you describe the the Kiev fashion scene?
It is at a beginner's level out here. We all are trying to experiment, to make a qualitative product, and sometimes it really works. The good thing is that people are really open to new ideas, there is a chanse to organise a good team if the idea is nice. We have an international fashion week, the members of fashion society come to give lectures, to educate the new generation about fashion as a whole, also we have some interesting fashion media and the Ukranian Vogue is coming soon - it is a great improvement on my opinion! And of course we have some truly talanted guys around , I would like to highlite  Yasya Khomenko as my big love right from the times she was my classmate in university.


Do you ever dream of living in one  of the fashion metropolises?
It has never be my dream, but I hope I would try it soon.

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All you need is needles  
Posted on May 4 2012

How do you choose the fashion pictures that you use to create your own artworks? Are there certain characteristics that you search for?
The image has to inspire me; it canít have a lot of very small details because it would ruin the paper when sewing into them.
Which was the first photo that you stitched?
It was Harperís Bazaar December 2006 cover. It was at university and I remember having a lot of thread and that magazine.
By the way, since what age have you been stitching? And who taught you to stitch?
I have really only been doing it on a regular basis since I was 19 (Iím 25 now). I learnt it in Denmark at school when I was a child, but only did it as part of lessons.
My Danish grandmother had a number of cross-stitched pieces that she and her sisters had made, and I was very intrigued by them as a child.

What is the feeling or thought that you wish that your artworks convey to people?
I would like the viewer to recognise the contrast between the disposable magazine paper and the delicate thread and stitching.

Is there a motif or theme that you find yourself always returning to, through your work?
 Women are the running theme. Women in fashion and in porn, mainly because they are probably the two industries where women outweigh men. As a woman, that interests me, because they are the two industries where, I feel, woman are physically exploited.

I wonder, what has been the reception of your artworks by the professionals working for the fashion magazines?
Very good. Vogue have been wonderful and have done pieces on a number of their sites about my work. I think Vogue Australia is doing a piece about the collaboration I did with Georg Jensen in their June issue. Itís good, Iím glad theyíve taken to it well because I am using their images, so it could have gone another way entirely. 

Do you ever stitch your clothes in order to make them unique?
 No, I tend to stay away from fabric; Iíve never really enjoyed working with it. I like to leave that to the professionals and just buy it off the shelf.

If you could change one thing about fashion industry, what would that be?
 It would have to be the size of the models. I know designers like to use skinny girls/women, but I think itís become absurd now;
itís at the point where it doesnít even look good.
And if you could change one thing about the art-world, what would that be?
 At the moment Iíve only been working for a year as an artist and I havenít immersed myself in the art-world, so I canít really comment. There are things I donít like about it, artist who I think are at the top of the game not because they make the best work, but because certain individuals with influence in the industry have bought it.
Itís worrying as an artist that one minute your hot because this person bought your work and the next minute youíre struggling because they sold it off- and youíre not Ďcoolí anymore.

Do you think elegance is something one is born with, or something one can learn?
I like to play the optimist and say that you can learn. I donít like the idea of holding yourself back because you werenít born a certain way.
What is the most important part when you pick an outfit in your everyday life?
What I will be doing that day. If Iím just working in my studio, then I need to be comfortable, but if Iím going out, then I like to dress up. No matter what, I have to feel comfortable otherwise I will be focusingon what Iím wearing and not what Iím doing.
Do you find an interest in fashion frivolous?
No, not at all. As a teenager I struggled with this a bit because I used to be a tomboy Ė I didnít think that fashion mattered Ė but fashion can do a lot for your confidence and I donít think itís a bad thing to spend a little time on yourself and present your best side.
I think fashion is important, if it wasnít, it would be such a huge industry.

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A ladies&gents film for 4fashionshake  
Posted on Apr 5 2012

A film for
We would drop anything and anyone at the bat of an eyelash. We would even commit a fashion crime. But weíd never deny an invitation to dance the night away.

Director / Haris Farsarakis
Music / Magneto
Dancers / Andreas Ioannou, Martha Birli
Fashion editor / Apostolis Gofas
Hair and make up / George Marascas
Models / Kostas Karantonis, Yvoni (VNModels)

Thanks to
Dimitris Petrou

And special thanks to
Sokratis Rammos, Mata Serafimidou, Katerina Economakou,

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People watching...  
Posted on Apr 2 2012

Do you ever catch yourself trying to imagine the life stories of the people of you photograph,
by looking at the way they dress?
I've always enjoyed people watching.  It's nothing new for me to look at someone and wonder what the story is behind the individual, behind the walk, the smile, the frown, and the way they chose to dress.

You write that " I wish to capture and share a lifestyle that I try to live every day. A lifestyle of details, grace,
imperfections, subtleties, complexitiesÖ ". Would you elaborate on the some stylish, interesting imperfections that you happened to come upon?
Dressing is an extension of the individual, I feel that no one person is perfect and perfection in dress rather resembles a runway show,  than real life.  Interesting imperfections include the pocket square that's not perfectly folded in the breast pocket, combinations that aren't straight off the mannequin, and simple expressions that reflect personality as opposed to preconceived views on fashion. Interesting imperfections are simply individual stylish details.

Can you recall an instance in your life where the way you were dressed played a decisive role?
Your first interaction with the world is the way you present yourself.  Clothes are the first thing seen other than a loud person.  There are too many cases in which the way I dressed opened doors or at least gave me a chance to approach the door.  Clothing allows you the opportunity to enter the game, but entering means nothing if you don't have the skills to play.  My life isn't controlled by how I dress, the clothes I choose to wear are a reflection of who I am, just as every other little thing that contributes to the whole me.

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