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Watch out for the SOMF  
Posted on Dec 10 2012

The first thing one reads upon entering your site, as if by introduction, is that "we are somf". OK, so what does it mean to be somf? What's it like?
SOMF is a sorority of like minded ladies, the Somfettes.

Would you describe the first stages of the creation of a collection?
It usually begins, when we meet up (Olivia lives in London, most of the time, at the moment and Mariaflora lives in Greece, permanently) and talk about our recent obsessions, them being music, art or simply a feeling. Olivia then begins to research on a concept we agree mutually and Mariaflora begins to research on fabrics and patterns. We then meet up and work on the designs together.

How important is your mood when sitting down to do some serious designing work? Can it provide inspiration -even when it's not really good- or do you try to work independently of your feelings?
Its impossible to work, when we are not inspired. Designing SOMF is something we do mostly as a creative expression outlet. It was born as a shared artistic expression and we want to keep it that way, so on our low days, we lay low and on our high days we work till we drop!

Mariaflora has quite some experience working in London - has this experience proved useful to her work in Athens?
Working for Christopher Kane the first seven seasons of his label, has taught me a valuable lesson on many aspects of building and expanding a brand and staying true to one's creative vision. His sister, Tammy Kane, is a personal role model, her amazing business sense and gut instinct, has taught me that talent (which in Christopher's case is abundant) goes hand in hand with a well thought business strategy and that is the ultimate recipe for success!

You create fashion in a country where a sense of fashion and style has for many years been mostly dictated by second class celebrities who were flooding the media - how do you cope and what are the difficulties, the frustrations even, that you have encountered?
We strongly believe, that great design, can survive anywhere. Perhaps Greece, takes a little longer to understand and appreciate this, but sometimes, the less something is appreciated by the masses, the more valuable it becomes, to the few that get it. We are not great fans of Greek celebrity style, but we do adore the personal style of many gorgeous Athenian girls that inspire us, like blogger Filio Metsi , the lady we chose to model our collection for the Ladies& Gents editorial, Vogue editor Despina Isopoulou, make up artist extraordinaire Stellar and Athena Peng, one of our favourite Somfettes of all times, to name but a few.

If there was one item or detail that you could work on, design and rework all the time, what would that be?
Our tattoo tops and leggings. They are the first two pieces we designed, the DNA of the brand and two staples, that we strongly believe in.

In the long run, who gets to decide what's in fashion? Is it the big brand names who manage to place most of the adverts in the big fashion mags?
In our opinion, fashion trends are born in the streets. They are born out of music, out of art movements, out of political and social changes. They get filtered by big brands, sure, and change and develop, but what is really new and modern for us, is pure and raw street style.

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Loukia FW13 by Zina  
Posted on Oct 24 2012

Loukia's fashion show was perfect. The materials were simple and the clothes very impressive.
Grey was the most interesting colour among the three looks. The models were beautiful and they look like real pros.
The materials that the designer used were simple, and she had combined them in such an intricate way,
that not even Kenzo would have managed. They also reminded me of outfits that one could find in a harem.
All in all, it was a very fullfilling show to watch.

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Taesok Kang  
Posted on Oct 17 2012

You write about your collection that it "explores narratives of sexual human body and addresses the question of palpable
sensations that manifest from the sexual instinct of a human being and the range of sexiness from subtle to extreme". What do the women who have carried pieces of your collection -the models, for instance- felt about this? What is their feedback and impressions?
Do you remember any comments they have made?

Most people said my head bag ( SDHBP1) is cute and beautiful and some even said that Lady Gaga would like that. And then there
were a few people who would feel scared.

Why are you most interested in designing bags?
My initial concept is based on my sexual curiosity. I see a bag as a Pandora`s Box that people can`t open. So, I believe that bag design is the most powerful route through which I may express my ideas about sexuality.

What has been the most important insight you have gained since starting out in the fashion industry - starting from your student years?
My fashion career mainly started from my MA in Fashion Artifact. My study of fashion study revolved around women`s wear, but in the meantime I got interested in accessories design.  I think one of the main things that got me fascinated during my fashion studies was the exploration of sexuality.

Which other accessories do you plan to design?
I love to design foot wear like women`s high heels and jewel pieces

Why do you only use the black colour?
Black was my concept and base colour because the idea of sexuality is usually based on the dark side, especially in my country
I will use different colour in the future

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Yiorgos Eleftheriades  
Posted on Oct 16 2012
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