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Style Barometer

Posted on Mar 9 2012

At what time of your life did you realize that you had a passionate interest in fashion?
I can't exactly remember but I think it was in primary school. I remember dressing cardboard dolls with the paper
cut out clothes...funny hey.

When did you decide to make a career in fashion? Was it a conscious decision or did it simply happen?
In my early teens. I was something that happened naturally.

You've worked together with many famous actors? Would you name the one that you believe is the most memorable?
The most memorable famous actor I worked with Renee Zellweger.
She was natural and unassuming, she has natural grace and warmth.

Which actor has the strongest personal style, in your opinion, and why?
Now most actors' style is mostly attributed to personal stylists. So the actor I say has great personal style is Johnny Depp.
He has such charisma with his retro style.

In which city of the world have you seen the most creatively styled people walking around?
Well, of course I must say London. It is such a cosmopolitan city with plethora of unique styles going on.
Do you take pleasure in working on your blog?
Would you tell me a little about its creation and your ambitions surrounding its future?
I really enjoy working on my blog. Each day is different and I really surprise myself with some of the pictures I take.
Its conception was initiated by a mutual friend of mine, who suggested that I set up a fashion blog. It has all been a baptism of fire for me. As regards to my future plans for the blog,
I just want it to grow in popularity as a style barometer.

What's your opinion on the tens of young fashion blogs whose subject is the fashion blogger herself posing
in a different outfit every time? In what way do they enrich the fashion world and do you see a future for them in the fashion industry - both the blogs and the bloggers?
In my opinion the internet was created for the exercise of free expression and non-censorship, so there is room for everyone's point of view. Personally it's not what I seek in a fashion blog, though. I like to advocate taking beautiful pictures of my muses with reference to the locations and the situation they are in. Fashion magazines are usually monthly or bi-annual publications. So with the advent of the blog people have immediate access to fashion. Alos, it is not directly influenced by the big advertisers.

In your opinion, what makes a stylish person?
A person's true personality shows through their clothes. It's something you cant really fake. You see this at Fashion Week,
for example with the style icon: Ulyana Sergeenko.


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