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Gentlemen Only

Posted on Feb 12 2012

When you design your line of accessories, which images from doyou find yourself drawing inspiration from?
Lots of things inspire me. People, colors, seasons, movies, music, art... everything I see around me is inspirational.
Having said this, the main element of inspiration for each collection originates from my love of mosaics,
which is pervasive in the MARK/GIUSTI brand. For my collections, I try to bring ancient mosaic patterns back to life.
From that inspiration, I create digital artwork and print onto cotton sateen fabric to be used in the interior of our products. Some of these Mosaic artworks (mainly Byzantine) date back to as early as 6th century A.D. My childhood was very influenced by my father who is a collector of art and mosaics. I grew up following him to antique fairs and auctions, watching him examine these beautiful pieces of history as he explained to me the origin of each one.
We had so many wonderful books, of Byzantine mosaics in particular and I grew up loving those beautiful patterns.
As an adult I rediscovered these arts in Italy. The more I travelled around that beautiful country, the more
I wanted to see the mosaic wall decorations, paintings and marble floors in Byzantine churches and the medieval houses that I used to see in my father’s books when I was a child. I fell in love with these designs all over again – especially
those beautiful architectural and geometric patterns that seemed to have been all but forgotten. When I decided to establish MARK/GIUSTI, I wanted to give the brand an identity,  to impart a spirit of classical masculinity, artistic craftsmanship and timeless beauty. I believe, bringing these designs back to life through our accessories infuses each and every MARK/GIUSTI product with an opulent history and faithful character.
For me, it is a perfect union: my love of Byzantine mosaics and my love of fashion.
A Romance in Roma, as the name suggests, has inspired my most recent collection “ROMA-NZA” for A/W 2012-2013.
The original inspiration for the collection came from the William Wyler’s film “Vacanze Romane” (“Roman Holiday”),
which I saw during my last trip to Rome. There is something about that city that makes you fall in love with it. I guess it all goes back to the glamorous Italian lifestyle, especially as it’s depicted in films from the 1950’s. Italian’s have a
true appreciation for the good things in life, whether it’s beautifully  crafted bags or simply the food!

How do you imagine the man who is choosing to hold one of your own designs?
The MARK/GIUSTI man loves living life to the maximum. He is independent, confident and successful.
He is spontaneous, romantic and a bit of a dreamer but knows how to make those dreams come true.
The MARK/GIUSTI man is also cosmopolitan, open-minded, and has a deep appreciation for
art and culture. He feels equally confident in a perfectly tailored suit or something more casual.
He has his own identity and is always on the hunt for something unique to fulfill his passion for great style, superb
design and a beautifully crafted product. He pays considerable attention to detail and always tries to
find the perfect harmony between function and design.

If you could change one thing about current fashion trends, what would that be?
If there were one thing that I would like to change about the current fashion trends,
it would be the fast fashion products that are not only bad for the industry but also for the environment.
I believe a product that is cheaply made, does not last and should not be produced at all. Superior quality and
unmatched attention to detail create timeless products that are worth having and
cherishing forever. That was one of the reasons, which led me to create the MARK/GIUSTI brand.

And if you could change one thing about the fashion world as it is, what would it be?
The fashion world is full of people “screaming out” to be fashionable with an attitude for being “seen”.
I believe luxury is deeper than that. Being “Chic” is something that you cannot buy. You do not need to scream out
with blatant branding that you are wearing a luxury item. True luxury is subtle. It is craftsmanship, attention to detail and again superior timeless quality. If its there, people who know will recognize it.

Do you remember ever noticing the form and color of objects, their aesthetic qualities in other words, as a child?
Simply put, did you care about how things look or should look?
As a child, I remember that I always had a sense of style and always had a say in choosing my own clothes
and accessories. I know what I liked and what I didn’t and our parents always encouraged us to express our opinions
and build our own sense of style and personality. Since my father was a diplomat, we always had to attend different types
of functions, so there was always an occasion to consider our personal style. I must say, I also learned a lot from them too.
My father was always impeccably dressed. He used to explain to me the different types of fabrics and what constitutes a
perfect suit. I learned about having a fashionable edge from my sister and timeless
classics from my mother.


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