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Posted on Jul 23 2013

You came to jewellery by way of fashion design. How did that change come about?
When I graduated from high school, I felt unsure about which path I wanted to choose. I knew I wanted to embark on a career within the design industry but I wasnít entirely sure on the exact area. I entered Central St Martins College in London with the intent of starting my education in fashion design. However, I soon realized that my true passion was in jewellery and am happy to say that taking my degree in fashion jewellery was absolutely the right decision for me.

Did you tend to notice jewellery when you were a child? Did you like them?
When I was a child I was always fascinated with my motherís jewellery collection and spent hours dressing up in both her clothes and jewellery. I loved the shiny appearance and bright colours. I grew up in Saint Petersburg, the city of Faberge, and began to notice his jewellery at an early age worn by a great majority of Russian women.

What is it about organic life that you believe makes it ideal inspiration for jewellery?
For me true inspiration comes from what is naturally all around us. If we take the time to observe the planetís natural elements, we can find that inspiration.

Did you always have an interest in extra terrestrial life forms ?
Do you have an idea of how a world in a different planet might look like?

 I couldnít say that I have always been interested in extra terrestrial life forms, however through my design processes and research projects I began to see a link between this and sea life. It is hard to imagine life on another planet, however if I had to describe my idea of such a parallel world I would say that it resembles something close to Rudolf Gigerís perception portrayed in ĎPrometheusí.

Could you give me your personal definition of creativity ?
The idea that anything is possible with the power of a limitless mind.

What's your first thought and concern when you start working on a new piece of jewelery?
 I usually think about whether or not I can create something that is truly unique and desirable.

If I asked you to name three fashion designers whose creations would look beautiful when worn with your jewellery,
who would they be?

Alexander McQueen
Gary Pugh
Emilio Pucci


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