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Posted on Nov 4 2011

 Some of your pictures emanate an imaginative power and dreamlike essence that one has the sense
that they could be connected to the world of dreams, indeed. Actually, do you draw images and inspiration from the dreams
you have as an adult, but also those you had as a child?

They're more daydreams than anything. I wouldn't say they're consciously inspired by my dreams but it's certainly a possibility.

Your project is centred around invidual persons that feature in them - what do you imagine that
are these peoplesĺ stories? Do you make up stories concerning them as you work, or do you prefer them
to remain a sort of blank canvases?

Sometimes the subject's appearance and expression influences my decision of how to use them but for the most part I try to see them as a blank canvas. I don't know most of them but for those I do their personality typically isn't an influence.

Has Art existed in any way during your childhood?

Art has always been a part of my life. I've been creating for as long as I can remember.

Do you ever attach sentimental value to certain outfits?

Absolutely. It can be sad to see the well-loved ones age quickly or, even worse, come to an untimely end.



wrote on Nov 7 2011
  amazing! spiritual! poetic!
thank you
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