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Earthly Power  
Posted on Oct 25 2011

Raw soil. Pure soil.

This is the work of Uchida Kouichi, born in 1969 in Nagoya; he studied ceramics
at Aichi Prefectural Seto Ceramics High school.

He then started travelling to America, Europe and Africa. He started making things to pay
living expenses and he soon discovered that all his knowledge was useless for the local materials and techniques. He had to open his mind and look at things in a new way. He is in constant search for the natural pure
form created by minimal touch to show the power of the soil.

The piece comes from a recent exhibition with GIFT BOX as theme.
I thought its simple and pure form was the perfect gift to myself!

Petros Titonakis!/WhatTheFokyo

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Delicate and hard.  
Posted on Oct 17 2011

The purity of white. The hidden pleasures in the shadows. Delicate and hard.

Organic shapes reminiscent of flowers, fruits and ultimately body lines.

This is the work of Wakasugi Seiko, a young Japanese artist, born in 1977 in Toyama Prefecture.

She studied pottery at Kinki University, School of Literature, Arts and Cultural Studies.
She uses a porcelain casting technique which she hand polishes to give them a beautiful texture.

Curves are everything to her work. The feminine contours and sensuality was too strong for me the first time I saw her work, in a solo exhibition. But when I found this piece in a shop few weeks later,
among other artist's work, the magnetism was inescapable. Had to hold it! Had to have it! Now cannot wait for the next exhibition!


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