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Posted on Jan 16 2012

The whole body of your work exudes a dreamlike quality - I wonder, do you ever incorporate
actual dreams or scenes from actual dreams ?

This series depicts the world that everyone dreams of living in, including me: calm, beautiful, and perfect. It is a parallel world, which would not exist without an aid of photographic medium coupled with my creativity. Thanks to technology, I'm able to show another side of our world where the naked eye can't see, and take its beauty to another level.

Living in a big city, how do you manage to maintain an obviously very close relationship to nature?
I love to travel. Whenever I can, I seek for places where there are a lot of greens. Living in a concrete jungle my whole life, my desire to be close to nature is infinite. I yearn for calmness and tranquility that only nature can offer. 

What are usually your sources of inspiration?

Traveling to new places gives me new experiences and vision, while expanding my horizon further.
Since each place has its own characteristics, I often pick up inspiration by chance. Most artists, including me, usually find their sources of inspiration by looking at other artists' work.

What do you find in photography, as an art, that helps you grow as a person?
I still shoot with film, and I've found that it slows me down. I become more attentive to details in each and every frame, taking my time to compose the best possible images. While this applies to everything I do as well; paying close attention to what I do, and don't rush will result in a better outcome. As I travel to new places frequently,
I am exposed to different cultures, people, and environment; it helps me to become an open-minded person because nobody is the same.
When working on a photograph, do you plan on the feelings that you want it to provoke to the viewers?
If so, which are usually these feelings?
Calmness, relaxation, and to be comforting.

Many of your photographs emanate an atmosphere of silence, stillness, even absence of life in a way - I wonder, if these scenes were real and one of us were to walk through those landscapes, which sounds would he/she hear?
The sounds of bird chirping and wind blowing.

One gets the impression that you use colour sparingly and with the utmost care - is this because
many people dream in black and white?
It is because certain colours provoke certain feelings. I'm trying to project calming and comforting feeling through the color palette I use, which is more towards cool tones: cyan, blue, and magenta.

Do you care about the way people choose their clothes and the ways they make use of fashion?
First impressions are important. If you were going to a job interview, you would have to dress nicely and neatly.
You can't just put on some t-shirt and jeans as it will make you look unprofessional.
Fashion is another form of art. I love watching people's creativity that they put into choosing their outfits. Some are more creative than others, which make them standing out from the crowd.

Do you believe that the way we dress reveals something about our dreams and aspirations?
As I said earlier, outside appearance is very important because it projects an impression of who you are to the people who see you. Even though you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but people still do.
What you choose to wear relates to your subconscious, and tells a lot about your personality. In the case of clothing revealing people's dreams and aspiration, I believe it can; but only to a certain level.

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Posted on Nov 10 2011

Firstly Id like you to tell me about your relation with the costume and how
it influences your work...
I started working with costume three years ago, when I was developing a project that was shown
at The Breeder gallery in Athens. I was based in Vienna at that time and I was working on an imaginary opera under the title The Blue Soldier, dealing with the contemporary identity of the working class.
The project was developed in three parts, and one of them was to create costumes like large figures,
in order to build the core of a narration describing the shape and form of the contemporary proletarian soul.
Costumes for me were the tool to show the existential structure of my heroes.

Since your works explores masculinity and feminity, do costumes help you explore
the sexuality of your creatures?
In the case of that project, (The Blue Soldier) yes. The costumes organize the potential of the sexuality
of the characters. I used archetypical structures such as phalluses and triagonal shapes to indicate sexuality.
I was not interested in showing genitals or sexual active creatures;
it was more interesting for me to deal with sexuality on a totemic basis.

And what about your last project, The Oblong Box ? Which is the role of the costume here?
In this show the concept of the project plays a very important role, since it is based on late 70-early 80s horror films
and TV shows addressed to kids. The costume helped me create a twist on the notion of what we call a cliché.
I also made video works where I designed costumes combining painting, clothing and puppets.

How does the concept of the costume help you consist the content of your figure?
For me, the costume is the figure or stands for it. The figure for me does not exist outside the context of my plot.
Costume and figure create an existential fusion.

Where do you get your references and inspirations from?
The references I use in my work are derived from the history of art,
literature and contemporary artistic production.

Why you choose to live and work in Vienna?
I visited Vienna in 2007 to create a project for Krinzinger Gallery which I collaborate, and I really liked that city.
So, I decided to move there. Vienna is a beautiful and interesting place. Its very easy to work there and it is also
in the center of Europe, which is very convenient for someone who travels a lot.

What are Viennas pros and cons compared to Athens?
Athens is a very interesting place as well, but in a very different way and this why I never did this comparison in my mind.
Athens for me is strongly related with friends and family so its a place very emotionally charged.

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Posted on Nov 4 2011

 Some of your pictures emanate an imaginative power and dreamlike essence that one has the sense
that they could be connected to the world of dreams, indeed. Actually, do you draw images and inspiration from the dreams
you have as an adult, but also those you had as a child?

They're more daydreams than anything. I wouldn't say they're consciously inspired by my dreams but it's certainly a possibility.

Your project is centred around invidual persons that feature in them - what do you imagine that
are these peoples stories? Do you make up stories concerning them as you work, or do you prefer them
to remain a sort of blank canvases?

Sometimes the subject's appearance and expression influences my decision of how to use them but for the most part I try to see them as a blank canvas. I don't know most of them but for those I do their personality typically isn't an influence.

Has Art existed in any way during your childhood?

Art has always been a part of my life. I've been creating for as long as I can remember.

Do you ever attach sentimental value to certain outfits?

Absolutely. It can be sad to see the well-loved ones age quickly or, even worse, come to an untimely end.

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Posted on Oct 31 2011

Petros This time the theme of your exhibition is Black on Black.
What was the idea behind it and did it influence the form of the pieces?

Aoki The most usual request for ceramic pieces is white! I wanted to explore the color black.
Some of the pieces I made are in previous shapes I made but some, like the triangular bowls
in black and real silver coated black bowls, are knew shapes.

Petros You recently had exhibited in U.S. Did you find a big difference of attitude
from the customers there?

Aoki Yes, usually here in Japan the customers tend to want to use the pieces and ask questions how to.
Abroad the customers were happy to have the pieces just as objects of art.

Petros I have to confess that I have two ways of seeing items I like.
One is for utility and the other for visual pleasure! The pieces I bought from you
will be visually enjoyed only!!

Petros Titonakis

Current exhibition at Toukyo Gallery, 2011/10/28 - 2011/11/01.

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